The Helix School Board Budget Committee currently has two vacancies.

The Helix School District Budget Committee consists of the five members of the Board and five electors appointed by the Board as required by law. Terms of the appointed members will be three years each with appointments made so that, as nearly as possible, the terms of one third of the members expire each year.

 It is the function of the budget committee to approve budget estimates for an educational plan previously determined by the Board. The budget committee will determine levels of spending but will not determine programs.  The budget committee will approve an estimated budget document for submission to the Board.

 Interested applicants that live within the Helix School District boundaries should submit a letter of interest to the Helix School District, PO BOX 398, Helix, OR 97835 by Monday, March 7th

Please see the budget committee calendar below for days and times of needed service.

February 16, 2022              Approve the Budget Calendar

April 12, 2022                      Publish 1st Notice of Budget Committee Meeting

April 26, 2022                      Publish 2nd Notice of Budget Committee Meeting

May 4, 2022                          Budget Committee Meeting  7:00 p.m.

                                                                Elect Officers

                                                                Presentation of budget message

                                                                Presentation of budget document

                                                                Citizen input

                                                                Review budget document

May 26, 2022                     Final target date for approval of budget by budget committee

May 31, 2022                     Publication of Notice of Budget Hearing and Summary of Budget and Funds

June 8, 2022                       Budget Hearing 7:00 p.m.

                                                                Regular Board Meeting 

                                                                Adopt Budget, Make Appropriations, and Levy Tax