The weight room will be open Monday-Friday from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Our  custodian will close down the weight room and secure the building at 9:00 PM.

The weight room will not be open in the evenings when there is a home MS or HS activity in either gym. Weight room will be locked two hours prior to the start of these activities.  

A surveillance system is currently in place and will be used to monitor activity or review premises, in the event that damage has occurred in the weight room.

All must sign in and out, each time they use the facility. Sign in sheet will be located on a table in the weight room. Prior to using the weight room for the first time, a person must sign a Liability Waiver/Assumption of Risk form, ( Failure to have a signed waiver form on record in the Helix School District Office, when using the weight room, may result in a Trespass charge being filed with the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Department.

The public will have access to the weight room and bathrooms only, no access to gym.

Access to the weight room is for Helix School District Residents Only.

Adults only; Griswold High School students allowed only with adult supervision. The names of these students must be listed on the Liability Waiver/Assumption of Risk form.  Middle school students and younger, will not be allowed in the weight room.

Weight room rules will be clearly posted.  (i.e. - All weights (plates) must be returned to racks, bars put away, benches wiped down to remove sweat, etc.)

Violation of any policy, procedures or rules will result is termination of access to the weight room.

For questions or concerns regarding this access policy, please contact Brad Bixler, at the School District Office, (541) 457-2175.