Gov Brown to Scrap COVID Metrics
Darrick Cope
Thursday, December 24, 2020
Parents, students and Helix community,
As I’m sure you have heard, Gov Brown, ODE, OHA, and others are going to begin a transition from the current COVID metrics to a more locally controlled advisory status, which will eventually allow for in-person instruction. It appears the Feb. 15th date is still something the Gov is shooting for as a state-wide reopening date. I would anticipate the Helix SD will be running full-day, in-person in K-3, or maybe even K-8, a lot earlier than that. We are waiting for one more level of guidance from the State to be distributed in mid-January, but I will begin making plans for reopening upon our return on January 4th. I would anticipate students, parents and community members all want to know what the Helix SD plans to do based on these changes. Please be patient as implementation plans are developed and know that everyone will be notified once the State releases the new guidelines and our final plans are made. The District will do its best to get students (and staff) safely back in the building, full-time, as soon as possible.

Hope you have a wonderful break and a Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks, Darrick Cope, Superintendent, Helix SD