On Tuesday, January 19th ODE presented updated COVID guidance. The reentry metrics were changed to advisory and will only be used by Districts to assist in planning their reopening timeline. Local, or zip code, COVID data for Helix is not really an option because of the small population, so we are looking at the Pendleton rates as a guide. The Helix School District has successfully had students in our building since late September utilizing Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI). The District gradually added grade levels and has averaged about 82% of our students attending during any given week.

My plan is to continue with LIPI through the end of the week (Friday, Jan. 22nd) for all grade levels. We will be starting with full-day, in-person classes for all K-5th grades students on Monday, Jan 25th. The following Monday, February 1st, I plan to begin bringing in the 6th -8th grades, and the high school will remain on LIPI. On Monday, Feb 8th, the high school students will join the K-8th grades with full-day, in-person.

The Helix School District is planning for the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) required on-site COVID-19 testing in our K-12 schools. According to ODE and Oregon Health Authority (OHA), a K-12 school operating in-person for students in a county that does not meet the Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) general metrics must provide on-site COVID-19 testing beginning March 1, 2021.

For more information about on-site COVID testing or guidelines as to whether to bring your student to school click on the following links:

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Governor Brown's Executive Order - 21-06

Below you will find links to the Operational Blueprint and Communicable Disease Management Plans. 

(Updated and submitted to ODE for review Aug. 2020)

Click to review:

Helix School District Communicable Disease Management Plan

Helix School District Operational Blueprint for Reentry

Summary of the Helix SD Operational Blueprint for Reentry

2020 Operational Blueprint Documents Folder