Helix Grizzly Volleyball Team Advances to District

Congratulations to the Helix Grizzly girls volleyball team for beating the Cove Leopards. The Grizzlies will now advance to the Old Oregon League District tournament on Saturday, October 22nd at the LaGrande High School. The first game of the tournament will be Echo vs. Joseph at 9:00am, followed by Helix vs. Powder Valley. The top three teams from this tournament will advance to the first round of the OSAA state playoffs.

Helix SD Does Well on SBAC in 2015-16

Oregonlive.com posted an article, linked below, this morning.  Congratulations to Tim Kahl and the Helix SD staff for their outstanding academic achievement this past year. Please keep up the good work!

Community Weight Room Access Policy (Updated)

Community Weight Room Access Policy (Updated)

The Helix School District appreciates the community support displayed when local patrons were asked to vote on GO Bonds in 2008 and 2012.  The success of both of these bonds being passed, has allowed the District to complete several construction projects. One main project was the addition of a gymnasium and weight room. The District would like to provide public access to the weight room, on a limited basis.  The following are the policy guidelines to allow public access:

  • Weight room will be open 6:00AM – 6:30PM, Monday - Thursday.  One of our custodians will unlock the weight room at 6:00AM, and the other custodian will close down the weight room and secure the building at 6:30PM.

  • The weight room will not be open in the evenings when there is a home MS or HS volleyball or basketball game. (NEW)

  • A surveillance system is currently in place and will be used to monitor activity or review premises, in the event that damage has occurred in the weight room.

  • All must sign in and out, each time they use the facility.  Sign in sheet will be located on a table in the weight room.  Prior to using the weight room for the first time, a person must report to the Helix School District Office to sign a Liability Waiver/Assumption of Risk form. Failure to have a signed waiver form on record in the Helix School District Office, when using the weight room, may result in a Trespass charge being filed with the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Department.

Helix School District Releases Results of Testing for Lead in Water

(Helix, Oregon) – This summer, the Helix School District tested drinking water sites at all of its schools for the potential presence of lead. Results from Table Rock Analytical Lab, Pendleton Oregon, indicate that all sites were below the acceptable EPA limit.

Students Compete at NHD Finals

Big congratulations to Caiden Marks and Bethany Newtson who placed 6th in the nation at the National History Day competition this week at the University of Maryland with their entry - "The Historic Columbia River Highway: An Engineering Marvel Opens Exploration Through the Columbia River Gorge." They were also awarded the Outstanding Entry for the State of Oregon! Congratulations to other national competitors Mecaila Espey, Jake Sprenger, Ashton Marks, and Macey Tullis.