Helix School District Operational Blueprint for Reentry 2020/21

(Updated and submitted to ODE for review on 08/05/2020)

It is with a heavy heart and a high level of frustration that I send this message. In a press conference on Tuesday, July 28th, Gov Brown and OHA reported on a COVID health metrics they have been using to assist them in determining whether or not schools can resume in-person instruction for the start of the 2020/21 school year. At this time, most schools in Oregon will not be allowed in-person instruction to start the school year. All school districts will be required to offer only Comprehensive Distance Learning instruction. Hopefully, as the health metrics change in Umatilla County and the cases per 100,000 decrease, the Helix School District will be allowed to return to in-person instruction.  

Below you will find links to the Operational Blueprint and Communicable Disease Management Plans. 

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Helix School District Communicable Disease Management Plan

Helix School District Operational Blueprint for Reentry

Summary of the Helix SD Operational Blueprint for Reentry

2020 Operational Blueprint Documents Folder