Helix Students Advance to State NHD
Helix Students Advance to State NHD
Darrick Cope
Saturday, March 17, 2018
Griswold High School students advance to the state National History Day (NHD) competition at Concordia University on Saturday, May 5th.
Group Documentaries:
*Libby Ward & Hailey Shepard - DeNorval Unthank (Civil Rights)
*Colton Reynolds & Drew Nelson - The Copperfield Affair (Prohibition)
*Ari Krol & Hannah Christman - Closing of the Cozy Room ( Stella Darby-Pendleton Prostitution)
Individual Documentaries
*Preston Brower - Biodegradable Festival of Life (Vietnam Protests)
*Brianna Myrick - The Stonewall Riots (Gay Rights Movement)
*Gavin Newtson - 10th Mt. Division