Helix SD Superintendent Candidate Interviews
Darrick Cope
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Helix Superintendent Q & A Format for Friday, April 2nd


1:00 pm

McKennon McDonald -- w/School Board (postponed)

Tim Sprenger -- w/ School Staff (Via Zoom)

Brad Bixler -- w/ Community (Via Zoom)

2:00 pm

McKennon McDonald -- w/ Community (Via Zoom) (postponed)

Tim Sprenger -- w/ School Board

Brad Bixler -- w/ School Staff (Via Zoom)

3:00 pm

McKennon McDonald -- w/ School Staff (Via Zoom) (postponed)

Tim Sprenger -- w/ Community (Via Zoom)

Brad Bixler -- w/ School Board

ZOOM process:

School Staff Zoom will be facilitated by Rory Simpson
Community Zoom will be facilitated by IMESD staff (Charlene Surber)
Attendees will be muted – all questions will be posted to the message board and read by the facilitator.

Facilitator will introduce the Applicant to the room.
Applicant will be given the opportunity to give an explanation of their background, career and education as well as what brought them to apply for the Helix Superintendent position.
The floor will then be opened to questions.

At the end of the Q & A the guests in the room will be notified if they would like to offer any feedback to the School Board it can be submitted to Cindy via email. Cindy.wood@helix.k12.or.us .
Each session will last 45 minutes with a 15 minute transition period.

If you are interested in attending the Community Zoom, contact Cindy at the above email and she will provide you with the link.